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Lindsey Hoskins

Lindsey M. Hoskins, Ph.D has broad experience aiding people in need of healing, as her clients are a mix of individuals, couples, and families from various walks of life. She knows that sometimes life can throw us things that are terribly difficult to process, and it can make all the difference to have a kind therapist in Bethesda, MD to turn to.

When not providing therapy sessions, Lindsey has spoken for national and local audiences about coping with anxiety and depression, living with a hereditary disease risk, physically and emotionally abusive relationships, and collaborative care for those with hereditary cancer syndromes. Because of her knowledge, she has written and published peer-reviewed articles in numerous scholarly journals. She feels rewarded educating young therapists, and finds it also keeps her own approach fresh too! 

Lindsey has taught non-clinical and clinical classes for both graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Maryland and Marymount University. She is a Clinical Fellow at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She holds memberships for the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA). At the Middle Atlantic Division of AAMFT, she served as President and is still on the board after thirteen years. She has even conducted behavioral and psychosocial research in cancer genetics for eight years at the National Cancer Institute, Clinical Genetics Branch.


Clinical Special Interests: Medical Family Therapy; Genetic Issues & Hereditary Predisposition to Cancer and other Diseases; Fertility Challenges; Communication Issues; Sex & Intimacy; Parenting and Co-Parenting; Infidelity Recovery; Divorce & Separation; Family of Origin Issues; Dating and Relationship Development; Life Transitions & Adjustment; Discernment Counseling


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