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Title: Role of Chiropractics and Physical Therapy in Auto Accidents
Recorded: 5/12/2021

Title: Treating the Nervous System’s Trauma Response After a Car Accident

Dr. Brian Paris

Throughout his chiropractic career, Dr. Brian Paris, a top chiropractor in Rockville, MD, has been helping and teaching others. He first found a calling to chiropractic medicine after playing all-state college lacrosse in New Jersey. He went on to study at Emory University in Atlanta, then finished his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a focus in biomechanics from the University of Maryland. During his college years, he served as President of the BioPhysics Technique Club. He is currently a Chiropractic BioPhysics Instructor, who advises other healthcare practitioners on treatment approaches.


Dr. Brian Paris is a developer of the Advanced Wellness program, and frequently provides talks all across the nation on chiropractics. If you were to attend one of his talks, you would quickly see that participants love him for his ability to keep things fun yet he can break down difficult concepts for more easy learning. 

When treating patients at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, Dr. Paris uses a whole body approach. This means that he doesn’t just treat the problemsome area. He understands that the body is an interconnected system and creates personalized treatment plans that reflect this. He helps find solutions for patients who are struggling with headaches, backaches, arthritis, chronic knee pain, and more.

When he isn’t taking care of patients at the clinic, you may see Dr. Brian spending time with his kids or engaging in an active sport. If you think Dr. Brian Paris could be the perfect doctor for you, call the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center today!