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The OBXHost Feed is dedicated to compiling and curating podcasts around the business and professional world. Legal, Medical, and Business Professionals alike share their insights, talk shop, and answer frequently asked questions pertaining to their work.


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With the ever evolving nature of business, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge. Joining our feed as a listener opens the doors to new insights surrounding your career. What are leaders in the field focusing on? How can their insights help you? 

Joining as a podcaster can broaden your audience base to like-minded people interested in engaging on a professional level. Podcasting is a popular new medium giving business men and women the ability to connect with their market in a whole new way.

Adding to the Airwaves

Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical professionals discuss the modern medical field.

Legal Professionals

Attorneys and Legal Professionals talk shop about the law. 

Business Professionals

Business men and women share insights about their markets. 


Lindsey Hoskins

Press play! on Anchor.FM Click here Lindsey Hoskins Lindsey M. Hoskins, Ph.D has broad experience aiding people in need of healing, as her clients are …

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Jeff Murphy Law

Press play! on Anchor.FM Click here Jeff Murphy Law When it comes to personal injury accidents, wrongful death incidents, and commercial litigation, you may not …

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Telare Law Podcast

Press play! on Anchor.FM Click here George Telquist Attorney George Telquist has been advocating for victims for more than two decades. He has extensive experience …

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